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Accident scenes can be very shocking, especially right after the impact occurs. Try to remain calm and do the following:

• Stop your vehicle. If you drive away, you could be charged with a "hit and run."

• Contact the authorities. Try to assess the scene if anyone else is hurt. Otherwise, wait for the ambulance and/or police.

• Turn off your engine and wait for assistance.

• Be courteous to all parties.

• If you suspect the other driver may be drunk, do not confront him or her. Tell the police and let them handle the situation.

• Make sure you are as calm as possible before making any statements or talking to the police.

• Take photos before you leave the scene.

• Avoid making statements about responsibility to the other driver, witnesses, police or anyone else. Do not state that you are at fault, even if you think you may have caused the accident.

• Contact your insurance company once you are calm and have gathered pertinent information. They will likely interview you on the spot and request photos.

• Acquire a copy of the police report.

• Call J&H Auto Body Shop at 1516-433-4233 for assistance


Questions? We've got answers


How soon will I get my car back?

"I recently had my vehicle repaired there and couldn't have been happier. You couldn't ask for better service" -Melvin W.



We provide 24 hour towing service

At JH Auto Collision, our production line approach significantly reduces cycle times compared to other shops. We'll get you back on the road quickly, usually in no more than three or four days!

Can I change the vehicle's color?

Yes, but in most cases it’s best to keep the current color. Painting the inside of the trunk lid, doors and hood is a time-consuming process and would add substantially to the cost.

Is overall or spot painting better?

Overall painting is often a great choice for restoring the surface of older vehicles. An older car has undergone significant depreciation, and a complete repainting can actually increase its value. Spot painting is the best way to protect the value of newer vehicles. We only paint where necessary, exactly matching that paint for a seamless repair.

Can you match the paint color exactly?

Yes! We take great pride in our ability to match factory finishes. Our expert technicians use the same paint and processes as the best dealers and body shops.

Should I pay for an accident repair or let my insurance company handle it?

Due to rising insurance costs, more and more people are paying for minor accident repairs “out of pocket,” and we’re happy to discuss cost-saving options. We also have good relationships with all insurance companies, with whom we work on behalf of our mutual customers.

When can I wash and wax my vehicle?

Your vehicle will be hand washed when repairs are completed. You may hand wash it anytime but avoid commercial car washes for thirty days. No waxing for ninety days after completed repairs

What should I do if my vehicle is not drivable?

JH Auto Body Shop operates a twenty-four hour seven day week towing service to handle your towing needs.

Why can't I get an estimate over the phone?

Each vehicle is different, and when you bring yours in we’ll help you select the right service based on how long you plan to keep it, its age and condition, and your budget.

Will my vehicle be the same?

We GUARANTEE your satisfaction. After the first cleaning our crew leaders will ask if you would like to take a walk through to inspect the work. It is strongly recommended to all of our customers that they take that walk. If anything has not met your total satisfaction, please mention it. Our crew will rectify anything for you at this time. If you feel that something has been neglected on a scheduled maintenance basis, just call our office within 24 hours of the service and we will return to rectify it and to take notes to ensure that it does not happen again.

What should I do in case I'm in an accident?

Why do you need the VIN number just to replace my window?

The VIN number can tell you everything about the details of your car. The VIN number can tell what size engine, where your car was produced, the interior/exterior trim levels, and even the type and size wheels the vehicle came with. The VIN also tell us whether the mirror is power or manual, heated, has a lamp in the base, or has memory settings. There are too many options to guess.

Will I get the same crew?

JH Auto Body shop have the kind of facility, equipment, personnel and training to restore your vehicle to pre-loss condition within industry standards. Experts can always find indications of a repair. This doesn't mean it was not repaired properly, but since shops do not have the same equipment available that the manufacturers have, shops cannot replicate the manufacturer's work exactly. However, your vehicle will be esthetically and structurally equal to its pre-accident condition.